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We have made a number of international installations during the year, in both Norway and Iceland and soon in Denmark. Halden municipality just started their first system at a site near a school.

-Our measurements show that unfortunately 80-90 percent of those who pass this site are speeding. When there’s a school on both sides of the road, as it is here, it’s even more important to driver carefully. That is why we’re now using a new solution that is going to make it safe for everybody, heavy goods vehicles, says Jan-Erik Hansen at Halden municipality

The site in Iceland is in Ólafsvík in the western part of the country and it is the national road administration that has made the installation.

– The area is sensitive, with a school, swimming pool and sports field close to the main road, which goes straight through the town. The road has quite a lot “through” traffic, and big trucks transferring goods so a traditional speed bump was not an option. The only other option would be to re-design the street – which would have been way more expensive.

In Denmark it is also the national road administration, Vejdirektoratet, that will install Actibumps and they will do it at three places at once.

– Vejdirektoratet sees this as a great solution for places where both traffic safety and accessibility are important, sites where we have trouble finding any other solution, says Maria Lønsmand Sande at Vejdirektoratet.


For more information, please read our full press release HERE or the article by Highways Today HERE