Do it right and you pass on level road. Do it wrong and you get a physical reminder.
A fair treatment regardless of vehicle type means an even traffic flow at a safe speed. Accessibility for all.
Edeva AB is the inventor and vendor of the Actibump system, an intelligent road system. Actibump is a robust system that increases road safety and accessibility while lowering emissions and noise. Actibump leaves the road level for vehicles driving at, or under, the legal speed limit. Speeding vehicles activate a hatch, integrated into the road, that lowers a few centimetres creating an inverted speed hump.
Actibump is installed in Linköping, Uppsala, on the Öresund bridge, in Malmö, in Västerås and in Helsingborg, in Sweden. Check out the installations in 360 here!

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The Closter To People campaign

The project Bringing Tech and Science Closer to People is showcasing the Actibump. It is an action under the patronage of UNESCO and there is a lot of cool technology to read about. Please vote for us here!.

Check out the Actibump sites in 360 degrees

Using a 360-camera we've taken photos of most of the sites where the Actibump is installed. Check it out here! Click the images to the left of the screen to see the individual installation sites.

Another installation inaugurated

Västerås stad in Sweden just inaugurated their first Actibump installation.
- The people I've talked to are mostly positive, says traffic planner Charlotte Edberg with the city.
- People like the idea, she says, and a lot of people want us to put Actibumps everywhere.

Being able to choose whether or not you get a speed bump by adjusting your speed to the legal limit has its perks and a lot of people want that option. Hopefully more cities and transport administrations will follow Västerås example.

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Edeva AB, Cleantech Park, Gjuterigatan 1D
SE-582 73 Linköping, SWEDEN
+46 (0)13 474 61 00 [email protected]

About Edeva

We deliver accessibility at a safe speed.

The first Actibump system was commissioned in 2009 by Linköping municipality in Sweden.
By 2010 the first model was functional and has been running since.
In 2014 Actibump was installed on the Öresund bridge and in Uppsala municipality.
In 2015 Linköping municipality installed Actibump on two more sites.
During 2016 Malmö installed three systems and Västerås one.
During the spring of 2017 Helsingborg will install an Actibump too.

Innovation based

The Actibump innovation is a unique product with a global market.
Edeva's solution to the compromise between accessibility and traffic safety is a game changer. Gone are the days of choosing between no solution and solutions creating new problems. Using the Actibump solution brings the extra benefits of less noise and no increase in strength of ground vibrations.


Edeva is a member of CleanTech Östergötland in Linköping, Sweden.
An Actibump installation lessens the emissions of the passing vehicles as they can maintain a uniform speed.

Edeva is a LEAD alumni

LEAD is a world class incubator for small companies. It is owned by Linköping University and financed by Linköping and Norrköping municipalities. Our growth started at LEAD and they have provided a basis for development and supported us in achieving a mature product and company ready for an international market.