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We want to contribute to modern and sustainable urban development by developing innovative traffic systems for a human centred society. We make this a reality by developing new technology with robust, effective, efficient and flexible solutions. We aim to favour public transport and emergency vehicles with a focus on people and their life in the city. We are convinced that a safe, secure and liveable city is created by innovative, long-term and sustainable technical solutions.

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Finland-week at Edeva

The first week of October is our Finland-week. We are inviting Finish organisations involved in traffic safety to come visit us in Linköping. We will be showing and test driving the Actibump on Linköping roads, showing the product in our production facilities and introducing the smart city system EdevaLive.
If you're interested please fill out this form.

Depending on when you visit us, we might also be able to arrange a visit with the Swedish National Road and Transport Institute at their head office in Linköping or a visit at the Linköping municipality.

If you’re from another country and would like to visit us, please send an e-mail to Karin Wiklund or call +46 13 474 61 03 and we can arrange something.

Not just for the big cities

Larger cities, like Linköping, Malmö, Uppsala and Helsingborg in Sweden, have already embraced the active speed bump that is Actibump. However, it is not just suitable for larger cities.
Actibump is also beneficial for smaller cities, like Mjölby with about 13 500 inhabitants. They are currently installing two Actibumps on a road with heavy traffic and a larger traffic flow, at a pedestrian and cyclist crossing.
Their initial plan was to build a grade separation with a pedestrian tunnel. Since they never got enough funds to build it, they have now decided to use the funds they do have to install Actibumps instead. Thus creating a safe crossing point for vulnerable road users and beating both Stockholm and Gothenburg to implement this innovative technology.

If you understand Swedish (or the Google translated version) you can read more in Vimmerby tidning.
Image: Sune Johansson

Trafikverket presents: active speedbumps

Safer traffic environment for pedestrians and cyclists with active speedbumps
- That’s the headline of the recent press release from Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration.

Their press release continues to say that In the future you can avoid uncomfortable speedbumps just by staying within the speed limit. Speeders, however, will not get away from it. The Swedish Transport Administration are now testing a new technology – Active speedbumps.
In other words, the Swedish Transport Administration has installed two Actibumps on an E-road, E65, in the city of Ystad in Sweden.

The installation is the first installation site of three intended to be installed as a test in the road network of the Swedish Transport Administration.
The test is, according to Trafikverket, a traffic safety test in the spirit of Vision Zero. Vision Zero is the vision that nobody should be killed or seriously injured on Swedish roads. Read the full press release and see their animation, in Swedish, here.

Information regarding the system is also available, in Swedish, on the homepage of the Swedish Transport Administration, which we have translated into English here.

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  • Do it right and you pass on level road
  • Do it wrong and you get a physical reminder
  • A fair treatment regardless of vehicle type
  • An even traffic flow at a safe speed
  • Accessibility for all

Edeva AB is the inventor and vendor of the Actibump system, an intelligent traffic safety system. Actibump is a robust system that increases road safety and accessibility while lowering emissions and noise. Actibump leaves the road level for vehicles driving at, or under, the legal speed limit. Speeding vehicles activate a hatch, integrated into the road, that lowers a few centimetres creating an inverted speed bump.
Actibump is installed in a number of places, for example in Linköping, Uppsala, Malmö, Västerås, Helsingborg and on the Öresund bridge, in Sweden. At the end of 2017 four Actibumps were installed at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. In 2018 the first two Actibumps in the road network of the Swedish Transport Administration were started, on E65 in Ystad, Sweden.

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About Edeva

Result based innovation

The Actibump is a unique invention with a global market. It has been developed to deliver a certain result. A solution that made people maintain the right speed, without forcing any vehicle type to slow down and without disturbing the buses was requested. We invented the Actibump that delivers this result, and more. You no longer need to choose between not doing anything and doing something that creates other problems. This is how we like to work.


Edeva is a member of CleanTech Östergötland
We aim to contribute to a liveable and sustainable city and society, conducive to a healthy life. An Actibump installation decreases the emissions from the passing vehicles since they can maintain an even speed. It also decreases the noise.

Edeva is a LEAD alumni

LEAD is a world class business incubator. LEAD is co-owned by Linköping University and Linköping and Norrköping municipalities. Our business development started at LEAD and they have supported us in the process of becoming a mature company prepared for an international market.