Evaluation of Actibump in Uppsala
Effect on speed, yielding behaviour and noise level
Trivector Traffic has performed an independent evaluation of the Actibump installation in Uppsala, Sweden. In short the statistically significant results are:
  • The average speed decreased by 5,5 kph
  • The 85th percentile decreased from 40 kph to 32 kph.
  • Before the installation 75 % of drivers were driving at a speed above 30 kph. After the installation only 21 % did.
  • The percentage of drivers who yielded for pedestrians went from 51 % before installation to 72 % after.
  • The noise level decreased from 69,2 dBA before to 65,4 dBA after, daily equivalent.
  • The number of ground vibrations increased but their strength did not and therefore the ground vibrations are not relevant to the surrounding buildings.

The noise annex referred to in the report is only available in Swedish.
Evaluation Annex