Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Actibump? What does it do? How does it work?
Actibump is a traffic safety system where speeding vehicles activate an inverted speed hump integrated into the road. It gives a physical reminder to speeding drivers. This is done by lowering a hatch a few centimetres into the road, creating a speed hump only for speeding vehicles.

Where should an Actibump be placed?
Where it is important to reduce the speed of vehicles passing the site while maintaining full accessibility and securing a safe environment for non-motorised road users. Actibump can be installed in pretty much any traffic situation. Such as cycle, pedestrian and aquestrian crossings, bus lanes, prioritized emergency vehicle routes, bus stops, intersections, roundabouts and so on. Actibump was originally constructed for town and city environments but has also proven to be very effective at toll booths. This indicates that it would be suitable for installation in harbours, at airports and industries – anywhere there are pedestrians and cyclists sharing space with vehicles moving at high speed. The retailer of the Actibump system will advise on placement of the installation.